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SEA-MAT Trang web với những công cụ MATLAB trong Hải Dương học



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SEA-MAT Trang web với những công cụ MATLAB trong Hải Dương học

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SEA-MAT: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Matlab Tools for Oceanographic Analysis

A collaborative effort to organize and distribute
Matlab tools for the Oceanographic Community

Time Series Tools

  • T_Tide: A full-featured tidal analysis package written in Matlab! By Rich Pawlowicz, Bob Beardsley and Steve Lentz.
  • Air-Sea: Compute surface wind stress and heat flux components from buoy and shipboard atmospheric and near-surface oceanographic time series measurements. Developed by Bob Beardlsley and Rick Pawlowicz. This is version 2.0.
  • Timeplt: Stacked x-y and vector stick plots with Gregorian time labeling from Rich Signell. See also Timeplt5
  • Bobstuff Vector Correlation, Complex Correlation, and other tools from Bob Beardsley (WHOI)
  • RPS Stuff Miscellaneous time series tools from Rich Signell, a PPM image reader and writer, a program to read SeaBird CTD .CNV files, and more.
  • ADCP i/o package Simple but robust tools to read RDI raw and processed binary data into MATLAB. Tested for a number of different WH, NB, and BB instruments with various firmware versions. From Rich Pawlowicz.
  • RDI Workhorse ADCP==>NetCDF: This toolbox is for fixed platform self-contained Workhorse data collection. Developed by Jessica Cote, Marinna Martini, Fran Hotchkiss, and Chuck Denham at the USGS Woods Hole Field Center.
  • ADCP Tool Box: This toolbox is a set of documented Matlab scripts that convert
    RDI data into NetCDF format. From Andree Ramsey.
  • Cross Wavelet and Wavelet Coherence - for examining relationships in time frequency space between two time series. From Aslak Grinsted,Arctic Centre, University of Lapland.
  • JLAB: Matlab freeware for data analysis by J. M. Lilly. 300+ heavily tested functions including industrial stength wavelet and time series analysis tools.

Numerical Modeling Tools

  • OM-Viz:Visualization and Analysis tools for SCRUM, ECOM and POM Ocean Models from Rich Signell.
  • HOPS GUI: (No longer active) -http://es.geocities.com/pedrobelchi/Hopsgui/introductionhopsgui.html -Visualization tools for the Harvard Ocean Prediction System (HOPS) by Pedro Velez.
  • HISWA-Viz:Visualization and Analysis tools for the HISWA wave model from Jeff list.
  • Ocean Processes Numerical Modeling Laboratory (OPNML) Matlab library: Tools for working with the Dartmouth Finite Element Circulation Models.
  • RSliCE - a nice GUI for ROMS model visualization, including horizontal z or s level slicing, arbitrary vertical slices along splined paths, velocity vector overlays, and more. Can access netcdf files locally or remotely via OpenDAP.
Mapping Tools

  • Mapping tools : Projections, inverse-projections, coastline & elevation databases and more. From - who else? Rich Pawlowicz!
  • Map Stuff: Coastline and lon/lon labeling
    stuff from Rich Signell. Check out this sample image. If you need coastline data, you might want to check out the Coastline Extractor.
  • Read Global Topographic Data: Two Matlab functions to extract the data from two global topographic data base, ETOPO2v2 and GEOBEC.
Hydrographic Tools

  • EasyKrig2.0 Toolkit: A gui-driven collection of routines to make Kriging of hydrographic and other spatial data a simple process, by Dr. Dezhang Chu.
  • OCEANS toolbox: A collection of routines useful for oceanographers, including the UNESCO routines (specific heat capacity, the equation of state, etc.), various sound-speed equations, T/S diagrams, distances on an ellipsoidal earth,
    and more.
  • CSIRO Seawater Toolkit: Tools for computing properties of seawater, including potential density, specific volume anamoly, Brunt-Vaisala frequency, speed of sound,
    and more.
  • The "gsw" software library (Gibbs-sea-water library) below contains computer code that evaluates the TEOS-10 based thermodynamic properties of seawater. The code for evaluating Absolute Salinity is also included in the gsw library.
  • Dynamic Normal Modes routine from John Klinck.
  • Optimal Multi-Parameter (OMP) Water Mass Mixing Analysis from the University of Hamburg. These m-files facilitate water mass mixing analysis for hydrographic data. The analysis is an inverse method looking for the best linear fit in a n-dimensional
    parameter space of tracers. A Users Guide is included!
  • STAPLOT : A simple and flexible package designed to facilitate graphical analysis
    of hydrographic or other irregularly spaced data.
  • WOCE tools A collection of WOCE water property data utilities from Paul Robbins (WHOI).
  • FloatAxis: Plot data with different units (eg. temperature, salinity and density versus depth) on the same axes having the x-axis for the parameters "floating" below. The number of parameters plotted is not limited. From Blair Greenan.
  • Temperature-Salinity Plot: The tsplot toolbox builds on the tsdiagram function found in the OCEANS toolbox at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. You can produce TS plots using either a command line function (tsdiagram) or a Graphical
    User Interface (tsplot). From Blair Greenan.
  • RPS Stuff Miscellaneous time series tools from Rich Signell, a PPM image reader and writer, a program to read SeaBird CTD .CNV files, and more.
Data Interface Tools

  • MEXCDF: A complete and efficient interface between MATLAB and NetCDF files, implemented through a mex file.
  • NetCDF toolbox for Matlab 5. An powerful and elegant syntax for working with
    NetCDF data from within Matlab 5.
  • MEXEPS: An interface between MATLAB and EPIC, NOAA PMEL's system for management, display, and analysis of oceanographic data.
  • CSIRO NetCDF access tools. These tools allow simplified extraction of data from NetCDF files using either an interactive or command line interface.
  • MSQUERY enables you to transfer the results of a query in the Microsoft Access 97 database program directly into your Matlab workspace using MS Windows ActiveX technology. The columns headings from the Access query are parsed and assigned as the variable names of the appropriate columns in your Matlab workspace. From Blair Greenan.
Miscellaneous Other Tools

  • m_pack is a collection of matlab tools and several utilities related with ROMS visualization and analysis (including SpectrHA) From Martinho Marta Almeida.
  • Float tracking software for Matlab 5 from Eurofloat.
  • Mooring dynamics and design tools: A MATLAB 5 package to design, analyze and
    model oceanographic moorings, from Richard Dewey.
  • Tidal Ellipse Tools from Zhigang Xu. These convert between u and v amplitude and phase parameters and tidal ellipse parameters (major axis, ellipticity, inclination and phase). There is also a program to estimate vertical profiles of tidal ellipse parameters, given sea-elevation gradients.
    Postscript documentation is provided.
  • Spatial and Geometric Analysis (SaGA) toolkit. Gridding, tesselation, and more.
  • EasyKrig2.0 Toolkit: A gui-driven collection of routines to make Kriging of hydrographic and other spatial data a simple process, by Dr. Dezhang Chu.
  • EXTCONTOUR Extended contouring capabilities for Matlab 4 & 5. Can handle parametric surfaces, filled contours, publication-quality labelling and more.
  • COLORBARF Produces a colorbar for a filled contour plot with the appropriate
    colors and tick marks. From Blair Greenan.
  • Carter corrects single-beam echosounder depths using Carter's tables. (As you
    undoubtedly know, most ship's echosounders assume sound velocity to be 1500m/s, which is only very approximate. Carter's tables were thus produced to enable a correction to a more realistic depth, using an assumed mean sound speed that depends on latitude and longitude.) From Mike Meredith.
  • Schlee makes a ternary diagram for sand, mud and gravel, assuming that mud=(silt+clay).
  • Shepard_Ternary_Plot plots sand, silt and clay fraction data on a ternary plot that is marked with the Shepard classification scheme labels .
  • Sand/Silt/Clay plotting routine based on a different classification scheme (Folk, 1954)
  • MATHEMATICA-based Wavelet tidal analysis software (No longer active) - Tidal analysis tools for non-stationary tidal processes (e.g., barotropic river tides and continental shelf internal tides). Developed by David Jay and Ed Flinchem. Note: although this software isn't in Matlab, it seemed useful enough to link here anyway!
  • Sturges - For some purposes we want to remove the annual cycle in a long data set, particularly for cross spectra with other data. Trivial for monthly data, but less so for weekly or daily data.
Related Web sites

  • Mathworks link Exchange: links to User-contributed and Mathworks-contributed m-files.
  • Mathworks File Exchange: library of files contributed by users and developers of MATLAB, Simulink and related products.
  • Mat2html
  • MathTools list of Matlab toolboxes: A surprisingly long list, and most toolboxes are free!
  • Matlab
    Snack Bar from Chuck Denham at USGS.
  • MACE is a MATLAB toolbox collects MATLAB .m functions for coastal engineers
    and researchers. The main purpose of this site is exchange our
    resources between the people in the coastal research area.
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