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Conversation Questions School



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Conversation Questions School

Bài gửi by codaipm12 on Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:36 am

A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom.
Are you allowed to eat in the classrooms?
Are you allowed to smoke in the classrooms?
Did you belong to any clubs in high school?
Did you go to a public high school or a private one?
Did you have to wear a uniform in high school? How about elementary school?
Did you study art in high school?
Did your high school have a band? If so, did you play in it?
Do most of your teachers take attendance?
Do some of your teachers let class out early?
Do you carry a dictionary to your English classes? How about your other classes?
Do you enjoy studying English? (...math, science, ...)
Do you ever skip class?
Do you have any evening classes?
Do you play on any of the school's sports teams?
Do you still keep in touch with your best friend in elementary school?
Have you ever been absent?
Have you ever been late for a class?
Have you ever been late for class?
If so, why?
When was the last time?
Did the teacher get angry?
Have you ever failed a class? (Maybe this is not polite to ask.)
Have you ever slept in class?
How do you usually come here? (How do you get to school?)
How long does it take you to get to school?
How many times have you been absent from school this year?
How much homework do you do every day?
Was your high school strict?
Were you on any sports teams in high school?
What classes do you not like? Why don't you like them?
What did you like best about high school?
What do you like best about your school?
What do you like the least about your school?
What do you think about your English class? Your gym class?
What do you think of our cafeteria?
What do you think of this campus?
What do you want to do after you graduate?
What is your best memory from junior high school?
How about high school?
What's your worst memory?
What school did you graduate from? What high school? What junior high school?
What time does your first class begin on Tuesday?
What was the name of your junior high school?
What were some of the rules you had to follow at your high school?
Which rules did you think were unfair?
Did you ever get caught breaking any school rules?
Were you allowed to smoke on campus?
Were you allowed to eat food in the classroom?
What's your favorite subject?
Why do you like it?
Who is the teacher?
How many times a week does the class meet?
Which subjects are you good at?
(What are your strong subjects?)
Which subjects are you poor at?
(Which subjects are difficult for you?)
Who is your favorite teacher?
What course does he or she teach?
Why do you like him or her?
What did you find the most surprising thing about the USA school system?
What are the major characteristics you think a teacher should have?
Do you have to wear a uniform to your school? (Did you have to....)
Do you like wearing a uniform?
Tell us about your favorite teacher.
Why do you like him/her?
Do you like to wear a school uniform? Why or why not?
How are the customs of the classrooms in the US different from the customs that you have experienced in other places?


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