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Hodograph - Đường đầu tốc



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Hodograph - Đường đầu tốc

Bài gửi by codaipm12 on Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:23 pm

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A hodograph is a diagram that gives a vectorial representation of the movement of a body or a fluid. It is the locus of one end of a variable vector, with the other end fixed.[1] The position of any plotted data on such a diagram is proportional to the velocity of the moving particle. It is also called a velocity diagram. It appears to have been used by James Bradley, but its practical development is mainly from Sir William Rowan Hamilton, who published an account of it in the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy in 1846.

It is used in physics, astronomy and fluid mechanics to plot deformation of material, motion of planet or any other data that involves the velocities of different part of a body.

See Swinging Atwood's machine

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